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About the Salt Therapy Wellness Centre, Penrith

The Salt Therapy Wellness Centre is a health and wellness centre in Penrith, New South Wales that specialises in Salt Therapy (also known as Halotherapy). We also offer natural bath and body products. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

About Salt Therapy

The origin of Salt Therapy can be traced back to 18th-century Poland, where workers developed resistance to respiratory ailments during their time working in underground salt mines. Part of their day-to-day tasks was to chip into the walls of the salt caves, causing micro particles of salt dispersing into the air, which they then inhaled. Today, we bring Salt Therapy to you by way of Halotherapy!

Our Halogenerator grinds the Pharmaceutical-grade dry sea salt recreating the atmosphere of the salt mines allowing you to breathe in the salt easily and effectively and also for your skin to absorb.

Meet the Owner of the Salt Therapy Wellness Centre, Penrith

Elisa was a chronic hay fever sufferer and mild asthmatic for more than 25 years. She had tried all forms of remedies for relief, including injections, and eventually resorted to regular intake of antihistamines, almost daily. She has always been drawn to natural remedies but could never find anything to help her until she discovered Salt Therapy.

After her first week of consistent treatment/attendances, she found the relief she was looking for. It was almost instant! Salt Therapy intrigued her, so she started to understand it more thoroughly.

This also prompted her to think, if Salt Therapy is this effective and it is natural, more centres are needed to help people stop over medicating themselves; especially when most medications for skin and respiratory conditions are steroid based. In just under a year of starting her treatment, Elisa opened up her owner centre in November 2017.

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